Securing Hubcaps

If you have hubcaps on your car how many times have you lost one or had them stolen? There’s a simple answer to this problem – the cable tie!

Cable Tie Hubcap

You can secure the hubcaps to the wheels on your car with one or two cable ties, the reason I say one or two is that one will hold the hubcap in place, but only at that single point so should the hubcap come loose it could still move and get damaged. Using two cable ties you can fix it top and bottom so that it will not come loose, therefore no damage.

You will need to use either a cable tie 300mm x 4.8mm or 370mm x 4.8mm. The 300mm one is the most common to be used but sometimes the extra length of the 370mm makes feeding the tie through the holes in the hubcap and car wheel easier, a width of 4.8mm gives good mechanical strength. Any coloured cable ties can be used, but silver ones blend with the hubcaps.

If you want to jazz-up your hubcaps why not use coloured cable ties and fix the hubcap on every point that you can feed the cable ties in and around the wheel.

When cable tying the hubcap you simply make sure that the holes in the hubcap line up with holes in the wheel, then feed the tail of the tie through the holes, get one hand around the back of the car wheel and guide the tail of the tie around the back of the car wheel and feed it back again through the hole next to the one you have just come through. You will the have the head of the tie protruding from one hole and the tail from the hole next to this, then you just simply zip the cable tie up and cut off the extending tail of the tie, this will secure the hubcap to the car wheel.

Cable Ties Holding on Car Hubcap

Another tip, if you bend the cable ties twice at the tip end forming a large U shape you can feed the ties through the holes without the need to get your arm around the back of the dirty car wheel.

Bent Cable Tie

Add something to cut through the cable ties to your car wheel change tool kit and possibly some spare cable ties to re-secure the hubcap after changing the wheel.

The best tool to remove the cable tie is a pair of side cutters or scissors, a Stanley knife could also be used but this is not such a good idea as it could easily slip and damage the hubcap or cut you.

You can buy your cable ties from Just Cable Ties on-line.

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