Alternative Uses For Cable Ties

Well we all know that cable ties are for tying up cables, but they are used for many other things, these are just a few alternatives.

Cable ties

The army and the police use larger wider cable ties as restraints, they can be fastened around ankles or wrists to disable the person. They can also be used to secure people to fences or posts so they cannot escape. The reason that they are used is because it’s far easier to carry ten or twenty cable ties than that many pairs of handcuffs.

Cable Ties For Gardening

Gardeners use them to hold plant guards to stakes, or for training plants that are tied terraces. Landscape gardeners use tens of thousands of cable ties when they are planting out small trees and shrubs on large projects securing the rabbit guards.If you are going to rely on the strength of a cable tie outdoors then you should look at UV and Heat Stabilised Cable Ties. This is because standard Nylon ties can degrade when exposed to UV light.

How often have you purchased a toy that has been secured in the box by two or three cable ties? Also small tools that are hung on display stands via a header card and again there’s the good old cable tie attaching the header card to the tool. The next time that you are in B & Q look at how many items are secured to display boards with the aid of a cable tie.

The tops of sacks and bags are again often fastened using a tie, and if the sack is used for storing some kind of product that you need to keep opening and closing then you might see the releasable cable tie being used. Some companies will have their name or a unique code printed on the cable tie for identification purposes, you would use Custom Printed Cable Ties for this.

Promotion signs that suddenly spring up on lampposts are nearly always held in place with the cable tie, the next time your sitting at traffic lights take a look at the lampposts its surprising how many cable ties are on some of them where the promotion signs have been pulled down and the ties left behind.

These are just a few instances where you can find cable ties being used other than for holding cables…….What are the other places that you have seen cable ties used for, the next time you are out and about, just look around you and I bet you will see them every where!

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