Releasable Cable Ties

What is a releasable cable tie? Well, it’s a reusable cable tie that has a form of trigger which when pressed or rocked will release the engaging teeth in the head from the ratcheted ladder which is molded along the length of the cable tie.

Releasable cable ties have been around for some time now and their main purpose is that they are used when you are installing a large number of cables or if you will need to add to the cable run over a period of time. The cables can be mounted and zipped into place, then when you need to run another cable along the same run you can just release each cable tie as you come to it to lay in the cable and then re-zip the tie.

They have may other uses as well, securing the contents of bags and sacks while enabling you to add or remove from the bag as and when needed, you simple release the trigger.

When putting up temporary signs if this is an ongoing process then again the resealable tie comes into it’s own.

One last use for the releasable cable tie is for securing a cars hub caps, many people use a cable tie to prevent the hub cap from working loose or coming off completely. Should you need to remove the hub cap you would have to cut a normal cable tie whereas a releasable tie could easily be removed with no need to keep some sort of cutter in the car. I don’t see how you would be able to reuse the tie in this case because you would have had to cut the waste tail off during installation so you would not be able to re thread the tail through the head of the tie.

The down sides of releasable cable ties are that they are more expensive than normal cable ties and they do not have the same pull strength of the standard nylon cable tie.

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