Custom Printed Cable Ties

Not a lot changes in the field of cable ties which can make coming up with interesting things to write about a little tricky but we have noticed a trend that we thought deserved a little looking into.

A growing number of companies are using custom printed cable ties for a variety of purposes.

Some are using printed cable ties purely as a promotional tool that has a useful function. If you supply a product that is sold in a bag, sack or other sealed container then using a cable ties with your company name and web address or phone number is a great way for the customer to be reminded where they bought that product when they go to open the last pack. They have to snip the cable tie to open it up and your name is right there.

We have a customer who puts together various upgrade or add on kits for vehicles and they brand the cable ties in those kits with their company name. You could do the same when installing any wiring anywhere, once the job is done it leaves permanent reminder of who to call when future work is required.

Another use is for product identification. If your products all come in similar containers then the cable tie secures the container closed and gives details on the contents.

As we can have each printed cable tie marked with its own unique number they are used for security or tracking purposes. Assign a number to a particular client or order and you can track its whereabouts in your system and know if the package has been tampered with. A standard cable tie can be cut and replaced with an identical tie but if the number on the cable tie at delivery doesn’t match the number noted down at dispatch you know it has been opened.

Where would we be without the humble cable tie?

Custom Printed Cable Ties

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