Metal Detectable Nylon Cable Ties

Metal Detectable Nylon Cable Ties

Metal Detectable Nylon Cable Ties

These cable ties are used in areas where food is prepared. They are also suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They contain metal within the whole of the nylon body, so if any part falls into machinery or product it can be detected. A screening process can detect them to ensure that products are not contaminated. They are easily visible due to the blue colour. These features lead to a reduced risk of factory product contamination.

They are supplied in bags of 100 and there are discounts on 10+ bags.

They are only available in Blue in sizes between 100×2.5mm and 360×7.5mm.

Operating temperature of -25°C to +65°C.


Tensile Strengths
All 2.5mm wide 8kg
All 3.5mm wide 16kg
All 4.5mm wide 20kg
All 7.5mm wide 50kg

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Metal Detectable Cable Ties

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Our cable ties are perfect for securing cables and other equipment to poles or other objects, holding in place hubcaps of cars and more…

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