Fluorescent Nylon Cable Ties

Fluorescent Nylon Cable Ties

Fluorescent Nylon Cable Ties

Our Fluorescent Cable Ties have the exact same properties as our other Nylon cable ties but they come in a range of eye catching, hard to miss colours. Perfect for use in situations where you need to alert people to their presence for safety or identification purposes.

Another name for these is Neon Cable Ties but while they are brightly coloured they do not emit light!

When bundling cables in darker areas such as behind desks or under flooring then why not use a bright and easily identifiable cable tie.

Made from the same Nylon 66 as our other ties you can easily tighten them by hand or you can use a cable tie gun which may be the preferred method if you have a large number.

They are supplied in bags of 100 and there are discounts on 10+ bags.

They are available in Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Pink in sizes between 100×2.5mm and 370×7.6mm.


Tensile Strengths
All 2.5mm wide 8.1kg
All 3.6mm wide 18.2kg
All 4.8mm wide 22.2kg
All 7.6mm wide 54.4kg

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Fluorescent Cable Ties

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Our cable ties are perfect for securing cables and other equipment to poles or other objects, holding in place hubcaps of cars and more…

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